Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meet the new kitties!

A few days ago, my dad saw a posting at work for two older male cats that needed a good home. 
We decided since we only have one cat now, (we lost Gertrude back in November), that we could take them in.  Now, their names were Cue-Cue and Bam-Bam, but we didn't like these names so we're changing them to.....



Shawn - is the more friendly of the two and loves attention. He's very sweet, loves to rub you, be petted, and if you sit next to him but don't pet him, he'll rub you to death and then pat you with his paws. =)
He's more nervous than Gus, but he comes around easier because of his love of attention.
He is black short hair with white on his paws, bib and stomach. He has white whiskers and gold eyes.

Gus - is a little less friendly, and not as photogenic. He had trouble settling in, and often got so scared he bit or scratched on the first day. He is nervous like Shawn, but more bold and he knows what he wants and doesn't want. At first he growled and hissed at us, but now he likes being petted and enjoys the attention almost as much as Shawn does. =)
He is all black longer hair and looks like an owl or a lion. He has black whiskers, and gold eyes.

Today was the first day they were allowed to roam the house as they pleased. They came on Wednesday, and stayed in a cage most of the day, my parents took them out that night and Shawn came around really quickly.  The next day they roamed my sister's room the whole day and we started taking them one by one upstairs to the main floor and closing off bedrooms and such so they couldn't run and hide.

Now they are allowed to roam the house as they please, but we find that they always go back to my sister's room when they get nervous.  Shawn and Gunther get along okay now, not so scared of each other, but Gus and Gunther aren't on "speaking terms" quite yet. I hope they all become buds after awhile.

Just a few minutes ago (and again now) Shawn ventured into my room just to explore a little, and now Gus came in and left again too. They are getting so brave! =) I'm glad.

All the photos were taken by my sister. I seem to have lost miss placed my camera somehow and haven't been able to take pictures of the new kitties only once since they got here! I'm so sad! ='(

Can you guess which TV show we got Shawn & Gus from?
Did you have a good weekend?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Disney Button Contest - My Entries!

I'm entering in Stephanie's Disney Button Contest.
I made 5 entries. Here they are:

This one I thought up while my sister and I were talking about entering this contest:
Picture from: The Aristocats
Quote from: Emma (2009)

I personally didn't think this was as funny, but I'm still entering it, you never know who might think it's hilarious! 
Picture from: Enchanted
Quote from: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

While looking through quotes on IMDB from one of my favorite movies, I found this quote and thought it would go perfectly with this picture:
Picture from: Tangled
Quote from: Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Looking through quotes on IMDB again, I found this quote, but I wasn't sure if it exactly went with the picture, so I showed it to my sister to get her opinion. She laughed hysterically when she saw it so I decided it went perfectly. =)
Picture from: Home on the Range
Quote from: Pride & Prejudice (2005)

And lastly, another Tangled one. I love, love, love this quote! And it goes perfectly, what can I say?
Picture from: Tangled
Quote from: Night at the Museum 2

So, I hope you like them! It took me awhile to figure out what quotes went with what pictures, but then all at once I found a few good quotes and the pictures to go with them. =)

On another note:
Okay, I admit it. I'm a bad blogger. Yup.
I haven't posted my Photo-A-Day in10 days. Ugh....I really don't know what happened!
I didn't even really take pictures every day either. I'm just bad... ='(
Anyways. I'm gonna post the pictures from the first few days I missed and some older pictures to make up for the lack of picture taking. Hopefully those will be posted sometime soon. You know me though, sometimes I don't get around to it. Like the literature blog post I was supposed to do on my school blog. I had all weekend to do it, but I didn't. Why? I don't know. I'm just strange like that.
Instead I listen to songs on the computer and think about doing what I need to do, but never do it.

I have another announcement too, that I haven't posted about yet. :-|
I'm going to! But I'm not promising anything. I probably won't do it if I promise.... =P

Did you have a good weekend?
Do you like my Disney buttons?
Do you procrastinate as much as I do?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19

Day 19, January 19, 2012
Today we made Fried Dough.
It was wonderful. My mom made the dough but my brother and I helped fry it. 
Then we "decorated" it and ate it. It was rather yummy. =)

This was mine. I put way too much powdered sugar on it! 
(Okay, so the stuff on the plate was leftover from the first ones I had)
We also put cinnamon/sugar on it...

And! We made pizza out of it!
Look, see? Look look!
This was my brother's attempt at fried dough pizza. 
I'll just say right now, it was deliciousness.
(I know, it look like chicken with sauce and cheese right?)

Anyway, it was yummy-full, and I should get the recipe for you but I'm too lazy to ask my mom for it. So...you'll just have to wait. ;)
Tomorrow dear readers! Along with those pictures I promised you a while ago. 

So today, I went to get the mail, and I *didn't* slip and fall in a snowbank. (yay me!)
Also, last night, I did some exercising. I.am.so.sore. My poor legs. When I got up this morning my back was sore too. I can barely walk but I'm doing okay (yes I'm fine. I'm exaggerating).

My dot-to-dot today was a crown. I wish it had been a tiara!
Hmm.....anyways. I guess that's all. 
Oh! I watched the rest of Emma (2009) with my sister last night. 
(I'm pretty sure there's going to be a post about that tomorrow....we'll see)

"I guess you'll just have to stay there forever. Bye bye." ~ Frank Churchill, Emma ('96)

Have you ever made fried dough?
Would you be interested in having the recipe?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day 18

Day 18, January 18, 2012
These are some of my favorite Bible verses ~ Philippians 4: 12, 13 & 19

It has been SO cold today. Well, in the 20's but it's been so windy it feels a lot colder.
I went to get the mail today and there was ice on the walkway. I slipped all over the place but thankfully didn't fall. So, ice melt was applied and the ice was soon gone. Except on the driveway. I fell down in a snow bank. 
My legs slipped out from under me and there I went. Down. Thankfully it wasn't too hard of a landing. Snow's pretty soft if there's a lot of it. =D

Anyway, time for me to scoot. I gotta date with Emma...I mean the movie! 

Do you have any favorite Bible Verses?
Have you ever fallen in a snowbank?

Day 17

Day 17
I don't exactly know how I came across this warning label, but it struck me funny.
This is on the bench thingy we use for our piano.

Have you every stood or jumped on a throne before? =D

Day 16

Day 16
I made macaroni & cheese on Monday. It was so super yummy.

Have you ever made mac & cheese?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 15 Is A Reading Day

Day 15, January 15, 2012
Guess what! I finally finished reading Emma! Now I'm free to read any book I want! (and I do have a few planned!)
I read the last 3 1/2 chapters of Emma tonight. This book was good, although I found it less interesting then Northanger Abbey (which I loved).
Now my sister and I are watching all the Emma movie adaptions. My favorite is the newest one with Ramola Garai and Johnny Lee Miller (we're saving this one for last). Tonight we watched one of the old ones...which we call "The dark haired Emma" it's the one with Kate Beckinsale and Mark Strong playing the main roles.
It's an old favorite. I've always loved the Frank Churchill in that one. Especially when I was younger I liked him and even though I didn't know the story, I remembered the scene where he goes to buy gloves from Ford's. =)

So lately, my sister and I have been watching movies/mini series together. So far we've watched: Lark Rise to Candleford, Amazing Grace, Little Dorrit, Cranford, Return to Cranford, Wives & Daughters, Persuasion ('07), Mansfield Park ('07), Bleak House, North & South, and Emma ('96).
What accomplishments! We are planning to watch two more Emma adaptions, a Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth), Sense & Sensibility (the newest), Our Mutual Friend, and Under the Greenwood Tree. I think my sister has a few others planned but I'm not sure what they are.

I think I'll go, because it's getting late. I'll have school tomorrow and my little cousin is also coming for a visit. 
And, I didn't get around to those photos I took on Friday, but I will soon.

Have you ever read Emma? Did you like it?
What movies you watched lately?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Day 14!

Day 14, January 14, 2012
This is the new patch I put on my jeans yesterday.
It was half the size of the other patch I have, but it's really cute.
It's a iron on patch, but I sewed it on so it'll stay put. And I used tie-dye thread. =D

I don't seem to have much to say today...yup. Okay, well, I'm just going to post this then.

Have you ever sewn on patches?
What do you think of the tie-dye thread?

Day 13

Day 13, January 13, 1012
Today was another snowy day. Although it didn't snow, I did had to shovel a bit from last night and clear of the car for my mom. I decided since I had my camera, to take a picture of our snow brush/squeegee/ice scraper thingy. I thought it was cool, so I'm posting it now. Tomorrow I'll post some other pictures I took today. =)
Oh, and I found some flowers that are still around despite the snowy weather.
Can you guess what they are?

And....hmm...oh, birds. In the winter, we put bird seed and suet out for the birds. 
They love it, especially the chickadee's. They're so cute, and rather friendly. Sometimes I've gone out during the day to refill the feeders and they have been around in the trees. They don't go very far, just out of reach. And they tweet at you. So, sometimes I'll talk to them. I find birds rather sweet...except Blue Jays. They're nasty birds...but they are quite beautiful! I love their color. 
Blue....I love that color. =)

How was your day? Do anything exciting?
How about birds? Do you give food to the birds?
Oh, and, what's your favorite color? I'd love to know!

Day 12

Day 12
On Thursday, it snowed almost all day long.
I woke up at 7, and it took me about 3 hours to get all my school done for the day, so I was free from 10, 'til whenever I went to bed.
I had to shovel, so that my dad could get into the house (walkway ect.).
Schools around here had a snow day.
All in all, it snowed for about 9 hours, and we got probably 5-6 inches of snow.
I love snow days.  Except, being home schooled...well, you don't get snow days.

This song says it all:
"...we never get snow days 'cause we don't have to go nowhere..." =)
Tim Hawkins is SO funny. I love the part where he says "...when my mama's talkin' to herself, it makes perfect sense, I say she's only in a parent teacher conference..."
Okay enough of that.

Do you get snow days?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 11

Day 11, January 11, 2012
Teehee! I was so cute. =P
(Those of you who don't know, my first name is Kirsten...I just go by Bea)

This is one of my many ornaments with my name on it. I love these things. They're so...cute.
The picture is also an ornament, it's my "Baby's First Christmas" ornament.
What do ya think? 

Besides not feeling so grand today, it was a good day.
I almost got my school work done, so I actually accomplished something!  (Yay me!)
I still need to decorate that mini gingerbread village I got last Christmas (2010). I've been meaning to do it but I just "can't find the time".  I do so many un-useful things during the day that I can't make time to do this one thing I've wanted to do for a whole year!

Well, it must be cold, my cat's sleeping underneath 3 fleece blankets. Aye, and snoring, he is.
Anyways, I'll go and leave you to admire my loverly photo for today.

Do you have any ornaments with your name on them?
How about a baby picture hung on the tree?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10

Day 10, January 10, 2012
Today my mom made Apple Crisp.
Apple Crisp, for me is something I've (almost) learned to like.
Mushy apples aren't my thing...but I love the topping! =D
It's so pretty. 

I think I took too many pictures of it...
It was perfect lighting though! (I have no other excuse)

Now I'm off to finish my school, which I just started 45 minutes ago. It's wonderful.

Do you like apple crisp? 
Or are mushy apples not your thing either?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9

Day 9, January 9, 2012
Tonight for dinner my sister made barbecue chicken pizza. 
The crust was wonderful, the barbecue sauce was delish, the chicken was yummy and there weren't too many red onions. All in all, it was a very good dinner. We sat around eating our pizza and watching  a DVD concert of Straight No Chaser. 

My favorite song from them is The Christmas Can Can:

(This was on the DVD)

I happily sing it at the mention of the word Christmas. I've listened to it SO many times. And my family wonders how I know it word for word...... =P
I love watching them sing it too. They're so funny to watch!

Anyways, yesterday I ripped another hole in my junkie jeans and decided instead of throwing them out, or cutting them off as shorts like my mom suggested, I'd just patch them up again. So today I got some more adhesive denim patches and I'm going to sew around the outside of it like I did with the other patch. 
Last time, I used tie-dye embroidery floss, and it looks so cute and fun.  I think this time though, I'll use a different color of tie-dye thread. That'll make it look interesting. =D
Since I think the patches will overlap, I may cut the patch a bit to make a shape such as a heart or something. 

But...anyways, you didn't want to hear about my patches did you? =P
That's okay, you heard about them anyways, because that's what's on my mind right now.
So now, I need to post this so it's out in time to actually be on the 9th instead of being on the 10th. I'm so bad. 

Have you ever patched any of your clothes?
How about Straight No Chaser, have you heard of them? 
If so, what's your favorite song by them?
Oh and, one more thing. Have you ever had/made barbecue chicken pizza?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Days 7 & 8

I did it again! *sigh* Here's day 7's picture:

Day 7, January 7, 2012
This is my new Gorillapod. I got it for Christmas. I actually took this yesterday, but I never got around to posting it. I figured now that you've seen my camera, you should see my one and only accessory. =D
Oh by the way, if you don't know what a Gorillapod is, it's a bendable tripod. I liked it enough to ask for one for Christmas.   

Day 8, January 8, 2012
Now this, this is from my new dot-to-dot box calendar. =D 
I got it last night with one of my gift cards. It's got a dot-to-dot for everyday!! (except Saturdays & Sundays have the same one)
I was so excited to find this, plus it was 50% off! Which made it even more exciting!
I thought the dots with the eyes were so cute on this little guy that I would take a picture of it before I did it. 
Doesn't it look fuzzy? I think it does. I love this calendar, I may have to post a picture a day from this too! =P

Oh, I just remembered. Tonight, my sister and I made breakfast for dinner! (It was very yummy)
Bacon, eggs, potatoes, and apple cinnamon pancakes! 
The pancakes were sooo yummy, we made up the recipe ourselves. Since we had extra apples lying around, we cut them up small, added cinnamon, and cooked them on the stove for a bit. Then, we made pancake batter, and added some extra cinnamon to that. Once we put it on the griddle, we added the apples and it was rather yummy-full!

Do you ever have breakfast for dinner?
Have you ever used a Gorillapod?
What about dot-to-dots, like or dislike? (I love!)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 6

So, today I promised I would post a picture of my camera, and so I will. 

Day 6, January 6, 2012
 This is my camera. It should have a formal name, but it doesn't.
This is the camera I've have for...a lot of years. At least 2. If not more.
I use this thing almost constantly.
As you can see, it's just a small digital camera. A "point-and-shoot" some may call it. It's a faithful little bugger though and it takes pretty good pictures. 
It's purple, and it's all my own. 

Here it is again, pretty cute huh? I do my best with what I have, but I'm really hoping to be able to save enough money to buy a nicer, bigger, more expensive one. This will come in time I guess.
I've beat this camera up over the years. Even just today going to take pictures of it, I dropped it on the floor, poor thing! Once I dropped it in a snowbank. Lovely.
And once I dropped it and knocked the lens out of place. But it recovered. Thankfully.
I've taken so many pictures with this thing. It's wonderful. 

So, anyways, this is my camera. It's small, but it works and I'm very thankful for it.

Today I played Lego Batman on the computer with my brother. It was fun. We mostly ran around blowing things up and fighting evil lego people and collecting little lego coins. I got to play Batman! One level was at a carnival and the music was saweeet! =D We both liked the music in that level.

So, have you ever played Lego Batman?
What do you think of my camera? 
Is it the what you imagined? 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012
Life's wonderful. Ever notice that?

At the moment, I.am.freezing. I seriously need to put a space heater in my room.
Oh and, I love my slipper socks. Best.things.ever.invented. Well, I guess not ever. But pretty close.
I guess you could call them "My One Weakness". =)

My memory verse for this week:
For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10

Yes folks, I did it by memory. I'm so talented. Now if I could remember it so I can say it to my dad, that would be good.
Really. I went to say it to him tonight, I made him stop watching a movie so he could hear it...
I got the refrence "Ephesians 2:10..." and forgot the verse. Yep. It felt...awkward. 
But now I know it. I'm not forgetting it, because I want to get it over with.
Now I'm rambling. 

Oh by the way, Ella, I saw that you asked about my camera. Tomorrow I promise I'll post about it, I just didn't have a picture of it tonight. I meant to take one. It'll probably be my picture for day 6. Just so you know.

So, how was your day? 
Do you love slipper socks as much as I do?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Days 3 & 4, 2012

Ugh. I can't believe I missed a day!
Well, I do have an excuse, so please forgive me.
See, yesterday, I started school again after my month long vacation.

Oh, by the way, I haven't gotten around to actually taking any pictures specifically for this challenge so, bear with the old photos for now. 

Day 3: January 3, 2012
I took this back in May 2011. It's of one of the Quince bushes in our yard. 
The flowers are such a pretty red color and, I've found that the hummingbirds love this bush. =)
I thought maybe we all could enjoy the sight of some flowers.

Day 4: January 4, 2012
I took this back in July 2011. Look! It even has Bokeh! 
Yayy...I didn't realize this picture had that. I'm pretty sure it's the first one!

So, anyways, I still can't believe I forgot to post yesterday. 
I love this setup though, because it's easier to post if you have a reason. Which I do.
And I love posting pictures so, that's even better. And I can put some random thoughts down with it. =O It's almost like a journal entry everyday! 
Anyways, I'm starting to enjoy this challenge even more now. =D

What do you think of my bokeh?
I'm posting this just in time for it to be (almost) too late. It's wonderful.

Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

Picture of the day.
January 2, 2012

I got these shoes in..August I think. I liked them so much I took a bunch of pictures of them. =)
The only thing, I wish they were blue. I want to wear blue converse for my wedding (that is, now I want to...I might not later in life)

I've seen a couple people start blogging again, and I'm really excited because I love their blogs.
So, a big welcome back to them! 

Today, I went for a walk with my dad. We went in the woods around our house on some old logging trails.
There was lots of mud, and it was very slippery. At the end, we walked the road back home, and coming out of the woods we saw a...(okay, sorry, but it was really cool to see)...a dead coyote. I guess it had been hit a while back and now most of the fur and stuff is gone and it's just bones now. It was cool to see...

Are you having a good year so far?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

Okay, so I decided last month to post a picture a day for a year. 
But I decided not to start until January 2012, and since it is 2012, I guess I should start now.

So, here's my picture for January 1, 2012

These were fun little erasers I bought for my friend for Christmas.
She LOVED them, simply because they come apart. We laughed so hard when she figured out she could take the peach colored part of Santa's face off. I have strange friends.
But then again, don't we all?

Happy New Year! 
I pray 2012 is a year full of joy and blessings for all of you!