Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Camp Pictures

I have so many pictures and I didn't exactly know what else to post about so here's another post filled with more pictures from camp. :)

Sunset in a nearby city

This one's my favorite, it came out so clear!

Firewood for the camp fire

And last but not least my favorite sunset. This picture was taken
a couple nights after we got home.

Pictures of my Tie-Dye shirt are still on the way...I'm working on them!
Thing is I still haven't taken pictures, I keep forgetting. :(

In Christ,
Miss Bea

Monday, August 23, 2010


These are pictures I took either at camp or the place we stayed one weekend while we were at camp.

The river by the camp

A frog I found in the girls restroom one night
(the next day we found 6 frogs in the pool filter)

A lake

In craft class, some of the girls made signs (and pipe cleaner flowers) for the cooks

A tadpole/frog thing we found at the lake

One of the many campfires we had

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

In Christ,
Miss Bea

Monday, August 16, 2010

There's a time for camp and a time for rest

Getting to know God is a great adventure, opening His word each day.
Reading and Praying and getting to know Him, learning all the He has to say.

God wants to spend time with just you, just you, God wants to spend time with just you.
Three-hundred and sixty-five days of the year, God wants to spend time with just you!

~ Camp Song ~ :)

After having been at camp for 5 weeks instead of only 2 I feel rather worn out.
1 week of being a camper and 4 weeks of being 'on staff'.

  1. Week 1 - Teen Camp, ages 13-16 (in which I was a camper) it was tons of fun and I even got to make a tie dye shirt! (I'll have pictures up soon)
  2. Week 2 - Junior Camp, ages 8-12 I was a counselor this week. My first time ever, I had lots of fun while being stretched out to my limit of little kids.
  3. Week 3 - Junior Camp, I worked in the kitchen. Helping...set tables, wash dishes, serve food, waitress, sweep floors...ect.
  4. Week 4 - Junior Camp, also worked in the kitchen. Thankfully, both weeks we had very nice cooks to work with. :)
  5. Week 5 - Day Camp, ages 5-8 (or 3-9 as the case may be:) all the staff was very grateful that the campers went home at night :)

This summer I've been stretched to the limit and beyond for those lovely little campers.
Don't get me wrong I loved it but at the start of my first week ever being a counselor I was not having a good week, by the end I was getting into the hang of it and could somewhat handle doing my assigned job.

So, I survived, I'm here, worn out...filled to the max of strange people. I enjoyed my summer, I'm all talked out, I'm tan from head to toe and thoroughly waterlogged. I found out that the smallest things entertain me (such as rocks that somehow write on cement, pieces of wood hung on rope and called "swings", sand put in a pile and called a "sandbox", daddy long legs, moths, dragonflies and frogs) and how when you leave for so long you learn how much you can really miss little pussy cats that are left at home.

So for now friends, have a good night.

Miss Bea