Monday, February 20, 2012


First of all, Happy President's Day!

Second, and most important:
Yesterday my dad and I went for a walk in the woods/fields around our house. 
It was kinda windy, and cold, but it was fun too. =) 

So here are some of the things we saw:

Apple trees!

Bones in the field 

I love views like this!

More bones.

Something was apparently tied up here...

The view from the hill was gorgeous!

Another field we found.

There were SO many turkey tracks! We've seen a lot of them around lately.

Turkeys. I wish I had gotten a better picture! They flew away once they saw us, and they actually ended up clearing the trees to the left, which is pretty amazing for turkeys!

In the woods.

This was ice. We walked across it. Yes, I *was* nervous. 

This was a logging trail they used last year. There are so many branches! 

And we saw a lot of this. The deer really like the apple trees around here.

So this was my fun Sunday afternoon. I should be back to posting regularly soon. 
Oh, by the way. I just finished changing the blog around. Opinions? I wanted something with less Christmas and more spring-ish colors. Plus I wanted something up to date with my life.
I also made some new buttons, so you can go grab one if you want.  They're all on the Link To Me page at the top, plus there's one on the sidebar. 

How was your weekend?