Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow anyone?

As the first loverly snow plow of the "winter" season rumbled past our house, I could only think of one thing as I ran to the window to watch it pass:  "It's starting!! Winter is here at last!!".  The weatherman says we'll be getting 5-10 inches of snow with this one storm, I'm quite excited for the snow since it's the first, but I think it's beginning a little too early. Don't you? I mean, it's only October! True, it's the end, but surely before November is too early!
The part I don't like is that as I'm writing this, the lights keep flickering. They say the power may go out.  I sort of hope it does, in a way, but having the power out is more fun in the summer because it's not so cold.

So I've been thinking, Miss Bea's Scrapbook doesn't really suit this blog anymore. It was an interesting name for it at the start, but I'm not sure I really like it anymore.  Though I've done scrap booking,  I've never really gotten into it, so I don't think scrapbook goes very well.  And Miss Bea sounds so...formal.

{So.  I was wondering. If you loverly followers, would help me a bit.  Maybe suggest some new names for my blog?  I would very much appreciate it.}

If I get enough suggestions I'll make up a poll and have y'all vote. Sound good?
I'd also like to know what kinds of posts I should do.  I'll admit I have been feeling rather disappointed with my blog lately.  See, my sister has a blog too. Hers is pretty popular and all, and I'm feeling kinda...jealous.  But, the thing is, she has something to post about.  Ya know? I'm still not sure what to post about.  I keep feeling like nobody wants to hear about me, me, me, all the time.
And true, I have photography, but it takes time to upload all those pictures and find the ones I like and...blah, blah, blah.  I'm rambling.  I also feel kinda selfish talking about myself all the time. I'm sure anyone who reads this knows what I mean right?

So anyway, you have a reason for my lack of posts since...*checks how long it's been since I last posted*...August.  Sheesh! I didn't know it'd been that long.
But I'd better go bundle up in some nice warm pj's and settle down for the night since the power keeps going out. So, good night all.  *cue song from the Sound of Music* "So long, fair well...."