Saturday, January 9, 2016

Today I am...{3}

Today I am...
(and lately I have been...)

I'm doing this daily scripture writing plan for January:
It's fun and super easy, plus it only takes a few minutes every day!

This year I'm reading through my Bible
I'm also reading North & South

Lately it's been Pentatonix because their Pandora Christmas channel is like my favorite, but then Fernando Ortega, and some Hammered Dulcimer music.
Also one of my favorite hymns that someone sang as special music last Sunday, Little is Much if God is in it.

For a while I've been watching Once Upon a Time, and Heartland.
For Christmas we watched a lot of different Christmas movies.
The latest movie I saw was Beauty and the Briefcase.
I got the new Cinderella movie, and Inside Out for Christmas.

Because Pinterest is amazing, I've been searching for animal blankets to crochet.

How to drive.

A lot of things. I main thing is I've been tired, and almost depressed. I think it's the time of year, winter just gets me down usually but this year there's no snow, and I'm bummed. 

Having a whole week off of work! I wasn't happy at first but now I'm really looking forward to it, and starting to plan how I'm going to spend it, and what crafts I'm going to get done. 

I'm wishing I had a 5-year journal. And that there were more hours in the day. 

Warm hoodies and socks. Also, I got a new king size fleece blanket for Christmas. It's really warm. I also love sleeping. Sleeping is good. 

What have you been doing lately?

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